We’re incredibly pleased and proud to announce the release of a collaborative track orchestrated by paulfcook, “Tales of the Expected“, which is available on Paul’s Bandcamp site from October 24th.

It was, erm, quite some time ago that Paul approached Ming and Jon to ask if we could put down lyrics/vocals and flugelhorn, respectively, on a musical idea that he’d been brewing in his most individual cauldron of creativity. Months and global catastrophes later, we were in a position to finally do just that. Paul then recruited his friend and Sleeper drummer, Andy Maclure, to lay down drums; and a haunting and enigmatic piece of sonic poetry was birthed into the world.  As Paul asks on his Facebook page, “How many songs can you think of that have concurrent spoken word and sung vocals and contain ‘widening gyre’ in the lyrics?  Me neither.”

Huge thanks to Paul for entrusting us with this tale, and for his patience and faith throughout the process.  We look forward to future collaborations, and to seeing what people think about this one (although it will be hard to beat the glorious comment from one early listener, “This sounds like it would fit in a Peter Strickland movie”).